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*The early Kingdom Of Ancient Ghana was one of the most powerful empires at that time. It was the most powerful empire for several 100 years, at that time the Kingdom of Ghana was more developed than any European country.
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*From the 17th century a slave trade begins, Europeans would be traded and used as slaves for the plantations in the Americas.
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*Ancient Ghana was based on trading, people would trade their goods with other tribes goods. But the fastest way they could transport their goods was to put their goods on a little sort of boat on the river.
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*Ancient Ghana grew rich from the Trans-Saharan trade in gold and salt. TRANS-SAHARAN- Is an important trade route between the Mediterranean countries and West Africa.

Extra Information

*The definition of Ghana is a Warrior or a King.

*The language they spoke in Ancient Ghana was the language Soninke!

Decline and Conquest
The powerful Ghana Empire began struggling in the early 11th century. By 1059, the density of the population around the empire’s leading cities started over-taxing the region. The Sahara Desert was extending south-ward, threatening food supplies!
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As shown is these pictures, the Sahara desert extending south-ward, prevented the southern kingdoms doing trade with Ghana to send them the required food supplies.
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