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Natural Disasters
Although Ghana was located on the coast of Africa, it did not face any major natural disasters. On rare occasions sandstorms from the Sahara desert would cause a bit of dust in the air.
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Ghana, suprisingly, did not face any major natural disasters!
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The houses in South of Ghana were built out of slabs of salt with camel skin roofs. But the kingdom was a stone city with central market!

There are two air masses, the one from the Sahara is dry and the one from the South Atlantic is hot. Both the air masses move towards the equator but the continental air moves southward with the north trade winds. The tropical air moves northward with south trade winds. Rain falls when the air mass is maritime tropical. Drought occurs when continental air and the harmattan dominate.

Ghana was found in the 4th century and was first ruled by the Maga dynasty. In 770 the Soninke ousted the Maga dynasty and began to build an empire. The king ship in Ghana was matrilineal; the sister of the king was heir to the throne. Ghana’s kingdom was a monarchy and the king was assisted by a People’s Council.
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