Welcome to our Ancient Africa Block D wikispace! We have studied and learned about Ancient Africa in the past months, and now we present our gathered information on this wikispace. The following regions are covered:
- Ancient Zimbabwe
- Mali Empire
- Swahili Coastal Trading States
- Kongo Kingdom
- Ancient Ghana
Below is an introductory iMovie made by six people from our class. You will see pictures of all the different empires, and a small paragraph of basic information is included.

Student produced video introducing the history of ancient Africa (block D)

Kongo Kingdom
Kongo was one of the most powerful and wealthy empires in Central Africa. Kongo existed during the 14th and 15th century, and the capital city was named Mbanza. One of its most powerful leaders was Lukeni Nimi, who conquered Mbanza! At the end of the 16th century, the population was nearly half a million!
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Ancient Ghana
The Ghana Empire was one of the most powerful empires in West Africa. It was also the trading point for many goods in that region. Ghana was very rich in Gold. My kingdom mostly used to trade with regions south from itself. By exploring this wikispace, you will learn about the 5 aspects of geography in relation to my kingdom. Explore the magnificent world of Ghana..........

Swahili Costal Trading States
The Swahili Kingdom occupied Brava, Somalia, Kilwa, Northern Mozambique, Zanzibar, Pembra, and Mafia. The Swahili people traded gold, ivory, and slaves for Persian and Asian goods. The power of the family rested in the hands of the eldest male of the family. Swahili people spoke Kiswahili, a mixture of Bantu, Arabic, Portuguese, and English.
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Zimbabwe is a very well known country, mostly because of its funny name. The thing most people don’t know about Zimbabwe is that it was one of the most powerful nations in ancient Africa and was a major trader. They built a giant stone temple that was destroyed many years later. Zimbabwe became very powerful because of the countries wealth in gold. After many years the Portuguese came and destroyed the city, still the country is here today.
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